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Zain Khan

Employeur actuel: NAWAH | Ville: Abu Dhabi

Province / État / Région: N/A | Pays: United Arab Emirates

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From Startups to Global Enterprises I am an accomplished, multi-disciplinary professional with over 20 years in leadership roles.  Building, growing and improving organizational capabilities and services to deliver value for all stakeholders and customers is my objective.  From managing application/product development, infrastructure, architecture, engineering, business continuity, information security, governance and operations my approach and style go beyond achieving the goal to building an ecosystem and the people who occupy it.  I am pragmatic and innovative which stems from my entrepreneurial mindset that has enabled a track record of success and growth.    

Spécialistés du formateur et expérience

Voici un détail des cours spécialisés suivis par notre formateur, sa formation et son expérience professionnelle dans les cours respectifs.

ISO 20000

Lead Implementer

Expérience de formation (heures):750

Expérience professionnelle (années): 10

ISO 20000

Lead Auditor

Expérience de formation (heures):960

Expérience professionnelle (années): 12

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