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Julie Methven

Employeur actuel: The Compliance Academy | Ville: Johannesburg

Province / État / Région: N/A | Pays: South Africa

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35 years plus working experience of which 20 have been in the compliance and risk field. 15 plus years training experience Established the Compliance  Academy following 17 years as CEO at the Compliance Institute SA in order to  meet  the  critical  need  to  take compliance principles  beyond  the  compliance  officer  and  into  a  future  where principle‐based compliance is entrenched into the culture and corner of every business,  large  or  small, irrespective  of  industry.     More  importantly,  that business   looks   towards   conformity  with   international   standards   and   best practice. Compliance is more than just legislation and regulations. It is a culture. Achievements and compliance risk management experience: Directly involved in the drafting and development of:  Members Handbook on compliance;  Monitoring Guidelines;  FAIS Guidelines;  Generally Accepted Compliance Practice framework (principles, standards and guidelines);  Material Irregularity Reporting Guidelines for FAIS compliance officers;  King III Code on Corporate Governance compliance practice note;  Training material for the Institute’s various compliance courses and workshops;  Input into the development of the ISO19600 international standard on compliance management; Industry Committee participation: King III/King IV corporate governance King IV working groups Assurance/Ethics Financial Services Board1 Market Conduct Steering Committee Financial Services Board Retail Distribution Review Committee Financial Services Board Competency framework committee – key individuals, representatives and compliance officers Financial Services Board Compliance committee Financial Services Board Insurance discussion group International Federation of Compliance Associations – founding member

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Expérience de formation (heures):8000

Expérience professionnelle (années): 17

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