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Kenechukwu Ofojuah

Employeur actuel: SOAFU Nigeria Limited | Ville: Port Harcourt

Province / État / Région: Rivers | Pays: Nigeria

resumé du profil

An engineer, trainer and coach with more than two decades experience in various industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, public / service sector, project management etc. Have played roles in sales and field service, tools verification, management consulting, training, coaching / mentoring,  auditing, compliance management, management systems implementation and inspection. Holds a BS and MS degrees in Petroleum Engineering.   My contributions to various organizations has greatly added value to their operations in reducing costs especially those who are in the path of recovery. Have +500 experience in training and coaching hours in varying sectors.

Spécialistés du formateur et expérience

Voici un détail des cours spécialisés suivis par notre formateur, sa formation et son expérience professionnelle dans les cours respectifs.

ISO 9001

Lead Auditor

Expérience de formation (heures):125

Expérience professionnelle (années): 25

ISO 21500


Expérience de formation (heures):120

Expérience professionnelle (années): 15

ISO 16949

Lead Implementer

Expérience de formation (heures):72

Expérience professionnelle (années): 10

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