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강좌CMMC Foundations
강의 언어English
강의 언어English
위치Covenant Security Solutions Intl. - Virtual
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Covenant Security Solutions International, Inc. (Covenant) is an award winning Cybersecurity Company focused on helping your organization develop the people, process and technology solutions to cover your cyber security needs. We look forward to having you join our session here are a few notes:

*This course will be offered as virtual live instruction training.

*Course will be updated from Planned to Active at 5 students or more.

*Group discounts are offered for registrants with 10 or more students

*Go to our website at: to choose your dates and purchase your course

* Registration is not confirmed until payment is processed.

We look forward to having you join us!

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회사명Covenant Security Solutions Intl.
주소Online Training
도 | 주 | 지방Wyoming
이벤트 국가United States

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