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    Six Sigma Info Kit

    Essential things you need to know about

    Six Sigma

Six Sigma Info Kit

Essential things you need to know about

Six Sigma

PECB offers the Six Sigma training and certification, which helps you in substantially improving your business processes, products and services. Prove that you have the knowledge and competence of making improvements by managing variation and reducing defects in processes across the enterprise.


Six Sigma can be implemented to any type of industry. Considering that it is applicable to all business processes, services or products, it can be implemented to all sizes of organization, big, medium or small.

Greater productivity

Improved quality

Reduced cycle times

Reduced operating costs

Smoother operation

Improved efficiency

Higher customer satisfaction


Info Kit contains

Six Sigma Whitepaper

Article: Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Article: How can Six Sigma benefit your Organization

Article: Six sigma - A Case Study in Motorola

Article: Essential Tools For Six Sigma Success

Article: Bring Quality Near Perfection with Six Sigma

Infograph: How can Six Sigma Boost your Profits

Webinar: How to start off your Six Sigma journey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sigma Level Calculator Template

and more…


Free of charge! We are highly committed to serving a society where best practices are widely accepted, affordable, known and used. Keep us in mind next time you want to learn more about ISO standards! For further information, please contact us at support@pecb.com

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