Decide which certification is right for you

We offer a wide range of training courses that cover different professional fields to assist everyone's needs.

You can choose the standard that suits your needs best and we make sure to find you the most convenient location through our network of partners. >>>

Prepare for the exam

We make sure we offer our clients the best training material that is accurate, credible and practical.
In order to be certified, candidates are responsible for their own study and preparation for exam. >>>

Take the exam

The last day of the Training Course, candidates enter an exam.

The duration of the exam varies according to the type of examination taken (see description of different exams at >>>

Receive your exam results

It takes 4 to 8 weeks for participants to receive their exam results. All results are sent via email.

The examination results will not include the exact grade in numbers or percentage, only a mention of pass or fail. In case of failure, participants are allowed to retake the exam for free within 12 months under certain conditions. >>>

Apply for certification

All participants who successfully pass their certification exam (or an equivalent certificate accepted by PECB) are entitled to apply for the PECB Certification.

Once all your certification requirements are fulfilled and validated, PECB will inform you via email regarding the decision and you will receive the certificate by email in electronic format. >>>

Maintain your certification

By obtaining ANSI Accredited Certification you have the proof that makes you the most wanted in the market of professionals.

Every year, certified professionals need to provide PECB with the number of hours of auditing and/or implementing related to the task they performed together with the contact details of individuals who can validate them.

PECB certifications annual maintenance fees are waived until 31 December, 2015.

After the respective date, candidates will need to pay their yearly certification maintenance
fees. In addition, PECB certified professionals need to abide to PECB's code of ethics. >>>