CPD credits and appraisal

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process used to explain and track the professional learning activities engaged in advancing and boosting both abilities and experience. Engaging in CPD activities safeguards that both theoretical and applied qualifications are always applied. It empowers learning and self-development to become proactive rather than passive, on an ongoing basis.

We recognize the importance in providing CPD credits; therefore a convenient and flexible way to earn such credits is by attending our live webinars, all focused on improving and delivering effective professional development.

PECB issues CPD credits for:

  • People who attend our weekly webinars (1 CPD)
  • PECB Resellers and Trainers who attend in PECB Reseller Webinars
    • Attend 1 day only (3 CPD)
    • Attend 2 days (6 CPD)

Please note that we issue CPD credits to the participants who attend more than 60% of the webinar. To be issued a Certificate of Attendance and gain the CPD credits, please contact marketing@pecb.com.

Webinar Presenters

Webinars are hosted by premium presenters who have an extensive background in the field they operate. They possess a variety of skills, certifications, and advanced educational backgrounds upon which they draw and facilitate excellent experiences for the audience.

People who are interested in presenting a webinar should demonstrate that they are qualified and have considerable experience in the field they will address. With a record of 350+ successfully organized webinars and with an average of 150 – 200 attendees per webinar, we give you complete visibility and promote your knowledge to a wide global audience for free.

To apply for presenting a webinar to a global audience, please refer to


What is a webinar and how often is it organized?

A webinar is a live online web-based educational, informative, or instructional seminar which connects the presenter to a global online audience, through a video or audio component. It is a two way process which allows participants to engage live with the presenter and create a high degree of interaction by submitting their questions, comments, and suggestions.

PECB organizes different webinar campaigns. These webinars are held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with a one hour presentation consisting of different topics related to different fields