Privacy and Security

How do the security questions and answers work?

The security questions and answers provide an extra layer of security to further authenticate your identity when you sign on to PECB website. This added security feature will further minimize the risk of potential unauthorized access to your personal and financial information. If you believe that you account has been compromised, please contact our Customer Service.

How secure is PECB’s website. Can I trust you with my personal data?

SSL is a protocol used to provide security over the Internet. The protocol makes sure the data is not being transmitted in plain-text format, which is much easier to snoop on. PECB has installed a True BusinessID SSL certificate from GeoTrust throughout the entire website which makes communication secure and difficult for attackers to “sniff” your information and gain access to your user account and personal data. Additionally, please read our website legal notice under TERMS, CONDITIONS AND POLICIES which every user signs when opening an account with PECB.

Spam or phishing emails with the identity of PECB

Please note: PECB will never ask via an email reply for your credentials or your credit card information.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of phishing or suspect phishing attempts with the identity of PECB, please contact PECB Customer Service ( immediately with the header “Phishing” and include the email that you have received. Our Customer Service will review the case and provide you with confirmation of the authenticity and will if needed advise you on additional steps to take.

If you have accidently revealed your PECB Credentials we will immediately assist with securing and updating your PECB Credentials, in the case that credit card information was revealed please contact your bank immediately.

PECB Partners and Trainers that have a contact email placed on the PECB website could face occasional spam messages from organizations claiming to be affiliated with PECB. Please do not hesitate to report those cases to PECB Customer Service (