Certification Application Instructions

Below you can find the instructions for the online certification process:

  1. If you are a new member that did not have any prior certification with PECB, please go to https://pecb.com/user/register and create an account with PECB, then follow the instructions from the following link on how to apply online: https://www.pecb.com/apponlinehelp/index.html
  2. The application for certification (if) you’ve submitted via MS Word will not be processed because the new certificates must be issued by our new online system. You must apply online, so this way the process will be accelerated and we’ll be able to make a decision on you application faster.

NOTE: If you already have an account, you do not need to open a new one (skip steps 1 and 2 from the above link) to apply for a new certification. Just login to myPECB, choose “My Certifications” and apply for a new Certification.