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Chris MacCallum


Employeur actuel: Hyperion Info Sec Ltd
Ville: Woking
Province / État / Région: Greater London
Pays: United Kingdom

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I am a multi-disciplinary information security, assurance, risk and data protection expert. I have over 13 years of experience in public and private sectors globally. Prior to setting up Hyperion Info Sec, I was a consultant for Red Island, Deloitte and an intelligence and security specialist (including information security instructor) for the British Army. This has meant I have worked in over 30 countries and many regions including Europe, North America and the Middle East.   In addiiton to being an ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer trainer for PECB I have led a wide variety of information security and assurance projects, programmes and training for global NGOs, Government departments, and some of the world’s largest financial, defence, advertising, technology, telecommunications and construction organisations.   I understand that information security is a critical part of any organisation's operations, and that it needs to add value by supporting overall strategy and objectives. This will ensure support of top management and increase overall information security maturity.   I have utilised this approach with dozens of clients requiring services for compliance with or related to ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, UK Government, NIST, Data Protection and other regulations and standards. I have lead over 25 successful ISO 27001 implementations and certifications globally and am retained as an ISO 27001 consultant and auditor for several others.   Other recent work includes providing risk management expertise for two European government programmes worth £11 billion, and € 1 billion respectively, and developing and delivering ISO 27001 training, education and awareness programmes for multiple clients.