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Mohamed Khadraoui

Employeur actuel: N/A | Ville: alger

Province / État / Région: N/A | Pays: Algeria

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I am a Professional Internal Auditor , i can perform an audits in accordance with the auditing standards. At the same time, with Information Systems Audit Certificates obtained recently (CISA, CMSA, Interim MS Auditor), my transition to the IT Audit is now critical for my professional career. As an auditor, among others, As an auditor, among others, I performed the following tasks: - Participate in the development of the audit plan and scheduling programme based on the Risk Management approach; - Participate and conduct audit assignments ; - Perform quality assurance audit and consultancy assignments at Sonatrach firm and subsidiaries; - Performing an interface with an external audit and monitoring the lifting of the reserves; - End-user in the implementation of (before becoming an auditor): * Cost accounting software "Wincanal"; * Cash Treasury Management "CTM"; * Hydrocarbon distribution system at petrol stations

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ISO 27001

Lead Auditor

Expérience de formation (heures):100

Expérience professionnelle (années): 19

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