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Detalles del evento

Información del evento

CursoISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager
Fecha de inicio2021-07-23
Fecha de finalización2021-07-27
Idioma del cursoEnglish
Idioma de InstrucciónEnglish
DóndeAZAAN Business Intelligence & InfoSys Services OÜ - Virtual/Online/Live
Nombre del instructorHAFIZ SHEIKH ADNAN AHMED
Estado del eventoActivo y confirmado

Descripción del evento

The ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager training course helps participants develop their competences to support an organization create and protect value by managing risks, making decisions, and improving performance using the ISO 31000 guidelines. It provides information regarding the core elements and the effective implementation of a risk management framework, the application of the risk management process, and the actions necessary for the successful integration of these elements to meet organizational objectives. Furthermore, it provides guidance on the selection and application of techniques for assessing risks in a wide range of situations. For details and registration, contact: +372 8193 6889 || +971 58 583 2309

Información de la compañía

Nombre de la compañíaAZAAN Business Intelligence & InfoSys Services OÜ
DirecciónVirtual - Online
Provincia | Estado | RegiónN/A
País del eventoUnited Arab Emirates
Código postalN/A
Correo electró
Sitio web

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