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Hanlie Hattingh

Current Employer: Self Employed | City: Mossel Bay

Province / State / Region: Western Cape | Country: South Africa

Profile Summary

Name:                           Hanlie Hattingh (given name: Johanna) Years of experience:  27 Experience: Hanlie started het won company during 2020, namely SUSPract.  Hanlie was employed as the SHERQ Manager for Omnia Fertilizer,  unitil June 2020.  She started as the Environmental Manager at Omnia Fertilizer in 2009.  She was responsible for SHERQ for both the National and International sites and plays an influential role in the implementation of occupational health and safety, environmental management, process safety management and risk management in the organisation.  Successful interventions under her leadership includes a significant reduction in SHEQ related incidents, significantly reduced Recordable Case Rate, improved risk assessment practices, sustainable integrated management system, improved reporting systems and the development and implementation of appropriate SHERQ related software programmes.  Moreover, implementing measures, e.g. land remediation, stormwater management systems, etc. to reduce environmental risk and liability.   Hanlie is nine years’ experience in the implementation of OSHAS18001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and three and a half year’s in implementation of the transition to ISO45001:2018. She is an internationally registered lead ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 auditor.  She is an experienced integrated auditor for ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001:2018, with 210 audit days and the ability to conduct Environmental and Health and Safety legal compliance audits as well.  She is the management representative and CAIA Responsible Care Management Representative for Omnia Fertilizer.  Hanlie Hattingh was previously employed as an Environmental Specialist at Eastern Platinum Limited Mine, where she ensured compliance with environmental legislative requirements.  She left their service after 3 years.  Prior to that she was a Senior Researcher and project manager at the CSIR, responsible for the Financial and Operations Management of the Water Resource Governance Systems Research Group.  Hanlie has water and waste management experience and has been employed by the CSIR from 2002 to 2007.  Before joining the CSIR, she was employed by V3 Consulting Engineers (changed to Kwezi V3 Engineers, now Wolseley Parsons) from 1999 to 2002 as an environmental specialist.  She started her career with the National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in 1991.  While working for the National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), Ms Hattingh has been involved in the development of the environmental policy, strategy and action plans for water and waste management.  She left government after seven and a half years.   She has experience in strategic and operational SHERQ, SHEQ risk assessments, SHERQ systems development and implementation, SHERQ auditing, SHERQ reporting (internal and external), sustainability reporting, environmental impact assessments, environmental rehabilitation, SHEQ legal audits, integrated water license applications, air emissions licence applications, project management of multidisciplinary environmental management projects, process safety management and environmental/water governance.  She has written reports for several clients and published articles on a variety of aspects relating to environmental management and is an editor and co-author of a specialist journal edition and Springer Text book on water governance. Ms Hattingh received her education at the University of Pretoria completing her M.Sc. (Environmental Technologies) degree during 2002 and received her diploma in project management in 2009.  She is busy with her PhD Water Resource Management focussing on decision-making and water governance.  She furthermore completed various SHERQ related courses.  Ms Hattingh is a registered Practicing Natural Scientist (South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions), a member of IAIAsa and IWMSA.

Trainer specialities and experience

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ISO 9001

Lead Auditor

Training Experience (Hours):10164

Professional Experience (Years): 5

OHSAS 18001

Lead Auditor

Training Experience (Hours):10888

Professional Experience (Years): 5

ISO 45001

Lead Implementer

Training Experience (Hours):6734

Professional Experience (Years): 9

ISO 45001

Lead Auditor

Training Experience (Hours):2640

Professional Experience (Years): 1

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