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Susan Rouse

Current Employer: AG GRACE | City: Frederick

Province / State / Region: N/A | Country: United States

Profile Summary

I have spent more than 30 years in the health services, risk management, program management, information technology and cyber security fields.  In each field I have had the honor of either creating training programs or I found myself conducting training and education programs for individuals with varying levels of education and experience.  I have professional certifications in training, project management and information security.   I enjoy helping people learn and develop confidence in areas where they felt they lacked knowledge, skills and experience.   All trainers have unique training style and students often have unique learning styles.  It is important to me that all the students I teach enjoy the learning experience and have a complete understanding of the materia and can demonstrate that knowledge after the session has ended.    

Trainer specialities and experience

Here is a detailed description of the courses that the trainer is specialized in and their related experience.

ISO 27001

Lead Implementer

Training Experience (Hours):1420

Professional Experience (Years): 20

ISO 21500


Training Experience (Hours):1440

Professional Experience (Years): 20

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