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Carew Hatherley

Current Employer: IQM (NZ) Ltd | City: Auckland

Province / State / Region: N/A | Country: New Zealand

Profile Summary

Carew is a Director at The IQM Group who has 30 years experience of auditing and conducting inspections worldwide.  A certified Lead Auditor at ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 & 45001 he is also an enthusiastic ISO Auditor Trainer.  His consultancy work with high profile companies and government departments ensures he is able to balance the requirements of ISO standards with the opportunities they offer across wide ranging organisations.

Trainer specialities and experience

Here is a detailed description of the courses that the trainer is specialized in and their related experience.

ISO 27001

Lead Auditor

Training Experience (Hours):272

Professional Experience (Years): 12

ISO 9001

Lead Auditor

Training Experience (Hours):220

Professional Experience (Years): 17

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