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Jorge Carrillo

Current Employer: Multiples | City: Prague

Province / State / Region: N/A | Country: Czech Republic

Profile Summary

A Guest Lecturer and Certified Trainer since 2011, Jorge is no stodgy academic stuck in a conventional track of sharing his knowledge. He is a respected professional specialising in privacy and cyber security with extensive experience across a range of sectors in Europe He is an innovator, a serial disruptor firmly believing that if you give someone a framework and freedom to explore a topic or a process they learn more easily and perform to a far higher level. He applies this philosophy across the spectrum of his professional work in InfoTec: as a working professional and a certified trainer. For over ten years he has contributed to various international conferences, workshops, and publications sharing good practices and methodologies related to Cybersecurity and Data protection.

Trainer specialities and experience

Here is a detailed description of the courses that the trainer is specialized in and their related experience.

ISO 27001

Lead Implementer

Training Experience (Hours):500

Professional Experience (Years): 16



Training Experience (Hours):6000

Professional Experience (Years): 15

ISO 27701

Lead Implementer

Training Experience (Hours):5000

Professional Experience (Years): 16

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