PECB University is Now Officially Licensed

Featured News 2018-06-01

It is with utmost pleasure to announce that the efforts of PECB to expand its offerings and introduce advanced degree programs have reached a new landmark. 

PECB University is now officially licensed by the Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC), Washington DC, and is thus approved to commence with program offerings and student enrollments.

We expect PECB University to be a successful new venture that will add to our reputation and scope of services. PECB University is a result of vigorous efforts of many departments and professionals, and it is thus very rewarding witnessing the progress made. It is even more exciting knowing that we are now able to embark on this journey together with our students.

Aspirations for the establishment of the PECB University extend beyond years of commitment to design and develop a unique framework necessary for meeting the challenges of the modern society and modern learners. PECB University is committed to providing opportunities for academic and professional advancements in some of the most prominent fields of the present day. 

PECB University will offer the following programs:

MBA Degree programs:

  1. MBA in Information Security Management
  2. MBA in Business Continuity Management
  3. MBA in Information Technology Service Management
  4. MBA in Quality Management
  5. MBA in Risk Management

Graduate Certificates:

  1. GC in Business Administration
  2. GC in Management Systems Administration
  3. GC in Information Security Management
  4. GC in Business Continuity Management
  5. GC in Information Technology Service Management
  6. GC in Quality Management
  7. GC in Risk Management

The President of PECB University, Mr. Faton Aliu expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “PECB has always been determined to seize and offer new appealing opportunities for our customers with the intent to attract and retain the brightest and most promising candidates. I am pleased and feel enthusiastic to depart on this new venture as we serve our community with greater opportunities. With this new addition I feel confident that we will meet and uphold the same standards as the parent company PECB. Several years of experience in training and certification programs add to my confidence that we understand current market challenges and are prepared to put that into use in preparing our students to successfully confront challenges and be a part of constant transformation.”

Background & Aspiration

The idea for PECB University evolved with the adult learner in mind. An adult learner can be a recent graduate, middle-aged person, or senior. One common characteristic that applies to most adult learners is the pursuit of opportunities that allow them to balance life, professional, and academic aspirations.  

PECB University is mindful of candidates with time constraints that require flexible scheduling. Our distance learning programs will meet the dynamics of the present day by providing a considerable number of opportunities. The University welcomes learners of different profiles who are interested in career advancement, career transition, or professional development. 

Considering that the demand for diversified academic opportunities is increasing day by day as individuals need to balance their personal, professional, and academic lives, the structure of our programs will appeal to the needs of students. The University takes pride in offering learning opportunities that exploit technological advancements to the benefit of students so that regardless of their area of residence they can excel in fields of their interest. A combination of factors including innovative technology, specialized programs, and qualified faculty will be the backbone for our future success. 

We are confident that our students will learn to embrace challenging situations and take actions to manage and transform them into favorable opportunities. We expect this to mark a positive beginning for PECB and our educational offerings, as well as a great start for the PECB University. We aim to help our students explore opportunities that lead toward growth and professional excellence. 

PECB University will commence first academic year this September 2018. If you are interested to become a student at the university, please express your interest by completing this Expression of Interest form, and a university representative will contact you back with further details.

You may learn more about our programs and requirements by visiting PECB University. We also invite you to stay informed and connect with PECB University on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter