ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Assessor Certification


The ISO/IEC 17025 Assessor certifications are credentials for professionals needing to audit the Laboratory Management System (LMS) and, in case of the “ISO 17025 Lead Auditor" Certification, able to manage a team of auditors.

The principal competencies and knowledge skills needed by the market are the ability to proficiently plan and perform audits compliant with the certification process of the ISO 17025:2005 standard and to master the audit techniques and to manage (or be part of) audit teams and audit program.

Various professions may apply for this certification:

  • Internal auditors 
  • Auditors wanting to perform audits to ISO 17025 
  • Project managers or consultants wanting to master the Laboratory Management System audit process of laboratories 
  • Laboratory managers 
  • Quality managers 
  • Laboratories seeking ISO 17025 accreditation 
  • Technical experts wanting to prepare for a laboratory audit function

The requirements for “Auditor” certifications are:


If an applicant doesn't have all requirements to apply for the credentials of ISO 17025 Lead Auditor he/she may apply for the credentials of ISO 17025 Auditor or ISO 17025 Provisional auditor.

For certification purposes, the following audit types constitute valid audit experience: 

  1. Pre-assessment/pre-audit
  2. Gap analysis
  3. Internal audits
  4. Second party audits
  5. Third/external audits
  6. Opinion audit

To be considered valid, these audits should follow best audit practices and include most of the following activities:

  1. Audit planning
  2. Audit interview
  3. Managing an audit program
  4. Drafting audit reports
  5. Drafting non-conformity reports
  6. Drafting audit working documents
  7. Documentation review
  8. On-Site Audit
  9. Non-conformity follow-up actions
  10. Leading a team of auditors


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