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Graduate Certificate - Business Administration

Program Duration: 6 to 24 months
Instruction Method: Distance and In-Class Learning
Availability: National and International Students
Language Medium: English

Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and at least two years of relevant professional experience

Program Description

The PECB University Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is designed for candidates who are seeking to build a foundation of sophisticated business expertise in order to become competent and more effectual managers. Candidates learn general management practices that develop their critical thinking and decision making skills. This program enables candidates to understand organizational dynamics, conduct strategic analyses, develop business plans, promote change, and communicate effectively.

Taking into consideration today`s dynamic business world, managers are in a constant need of expanding their skills, so they can prosper and make a genuine difference in any organization. Besides providing the candidates with theory, this program qualifies them to apply this theory in the business world. By being exposed to present business matters and learning the fundamental function areas of an organization, candidates become equipped with practical skills required for effective business administration.

This Graduate Certificate provides added value to the candidates as it offers courses related to organizational management that teach candidates how to manage an organization, succeed as business leaders and expand their career prospects. Through the lectures, tutorials, independent and group work, candidates are familiarized with various business administration approaches that broaden their insights and understandings on this specific field. 

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Interpret essential matters of organizations by applying advanced knowledge of theoretical concepts and business approaches.
  • Analyze organizations and apply best management practices that are in harmony with the organizational strategy and objectives. 
  • Develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills for analyzing different business theories and ideas, and for providing innovative solutions.
  • Acquire problem-solving skills necessary for performing enhanced analysis on the development and operations of the business.
  • Establish extensive knowledge and understanding about business trends and issues throughout the world.  
  • Gain advanced communication skills for a wide business audience range.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration - Course Requirements (12 credits)

3     International Business Management
3     Leadership and Organizational Behavior
3     Marketing and Strategic Management
3     Project Management

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