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stephane martin

Aktueller Arbeitgeber: Smart Risk Consulting | Stadt: Bottmingen

Provinz / Bundesland / Region: Basel-Landschaft | Land: Switzerland


Stéphane is a risk management professional with more than 13 years of experience in international companies such as ArcelorMittal (2003-2008) and Syngenta (2009-2015). Stéphane has a real passion for the topic. He is an expert in: - Workshop facilitation - Implementation of risk management processes compliant with ISO 31000 - Designing risk governance; risk committees and risk escalation processes - Creation of risk documentation; sustainable risk reports, risk management policy, maturity model, risk tolerance and risk appetite and correlation models - Selecting, designing and implementing of risk management information systems - Developing and implement risk methodologies and tools - Developing people to increase risk management expertise Stéphane is a trainer at INSEAD and speaker for Thought Leadership, Marcus Evans and AFNOR In 2009 Stéphane has founded the SRMF - Swiss Risk Management Forum, the SRMF is a non-profit group set-up to exchange on best practices and is aiming to solve challenges in the risk management space.  Face to face meetings take place twice per year in a professional and confidential way. Sessions are held at a member's location giving the opportunity to present its company risk management process. The forum is currently dedicated to Swiss based companies. Since 2015, Stéphane has set-up his own consultancy firm and is able to provide support to international groups such as Clariant or Roche.

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