Advantages of round table discussions

4 advantages of round-table discussions

This year, the PECB Insights Conference will be composed of round-table discussions. This format will provide the audience with a number of advantages that will make their time at the conference more useful and their participation more interactive. There are multiple benefits to round-table discussions and below you can find four of those advantages.

  1. Ask Questions

As most regular lecture sessions have limited Q&A sessions, round-table discussions provide you with the advantage of asking questions as the discussion progresses. This gives the audience the opportunity to get the answers to the questions they want to ask in a more natural international setting. In addition, it can provide the audience with more specific information.

     2. Different Expert Opinions

Moreover, round-table discussions give the chance to the audience to hear from multiple experts. Contrary to regular lectures where a session has one lecturer, round-table discussions consist of a group of panelists, which means a multitude of opinions will be shared. This provides the audience with different experiences, views, and insights into the topic that is being discussed.

     3. Network

An important benefit which round-table discussions provide the participants with is the opportunity to network during the discussion. The nature and setting of round-table discussions, allows participants to interact with the panelists and fellow audience members. This provides participants an opportunity to break the ice and make the networking less rigid, and more effective.

      4. Shared Knowledge

With round-table discussions, the session will be more open, therefore providing a more in depth knowledge-sharing. Another characteristic of round-table discussions is that it provides audience members the opportunity to present their opinions of the topic of discussion.