About Virtual Conference 2020

PECB Insights Virtual Conference 2020

Digital Transformation, Security & Privacy

Blockchain, IoT, AI, Business Continuity

The upcoming PECB Insights Virtual Conference is a virtual event which targets professionals and information security-enthusiasts all around the world. This year’s virtual conference addresses the challenges you face as a professional on today’s greatest security and privacy threats emerging as a result of the current revolutionary digital transformation.

What Can You Expect From This Virtual Conference?

The best and brightest minds in the field of Information Security, IT, ISO standards, and more, are gathered virtually for four days of learning and expertise sharing.

To have stimulating discussions, the conference will be designed in virtual panel sessions. During these panels, experts will discuss technology’s role in Cyber Security, Blockchain, IoT, AI and Business Continuity, in both English and French.

To celebrate the first ever Insights Virtual Conference, you will be able to attend all of the sessions for free.

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Who Should Attend This Virtual Conference?

The PECB Insights Virtual Conference 2020 is ideal for anyone who is interested to learn all the latest trends in the world of Digital Transformation, Security, and Privacy. Our stellar selection of panelists, whose areas of expertise cover Business Continuity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, etc., will make this virtual conference much more engaging and beneficial for organizations and individuals alike who wish to learn from some of the highest esteemed professionals in the digital world.

What Can You Expect From This Virtual Conference?